Imagine seeing a room with a handful of chairs. Now imagine hearing the sound of pages turning as it responds to the instructions of a voice booming from the front of the crowd which authoritatively pronounces ‘this is the Word of the Lord’. Now imagine the warmth of the person sitting next to you as he/she is similarly engulfed in the preaching of the Word with pen and paper in hand, and imagine the thunderous echoes of men and women singing praises to God in heartfelt response to His amazing and gracious redemptive work through Jesus Christ. I want you to imagine that because God-willing, that will be our experience this coming Sunday. On the very first Sunday of 2019, a small group will gather together at church at 4pm to pray, plan, worship, sit under the Word, and share life together in eager expectation of the launch of what we hope will be a new church community. This is a new opportunity, but it is not a foreign one to Gracepoint. As a church, we have always been on about making disciples, and a byproduct of making disciples is planting more church communities to accomodate for this growth. And so we’re excited about inviting you to be part of something like this. We’re hoping and praying that by the middle of March, we will have 30 men and women who are convicted about the Gospel and convinced of the need for people to be saved. We also pray that they would be intent on using their gifts for service and intentional in their desire to make sacrifices for the Gospel. Lastly, we also want our community to be one that is fervent in prayer and faithful to Christ’s commission to make disciples. Will you join us? Many are lost, the Gospel is great, God’s commission is clear, and the time for preaching, salvation, and repentance is now. Let’s eagerly hope and pray that God will use ordinary people like us through ordinary means to accomplish His extraordinary mission. We will be meeting as a core team in the lead up to the launch and as mentioned, we begin this week. So if you would like to join us in our first meeting this Sunday, drop me a line and we’ll see you there!

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