Hello people of ACG! We’ll be starting the year with this blog’s first topical series on the Doctrines of Grace, more popularly known as the Five Points of Calvinism.

These Five Points do not exhaust all the gems that are found in the goldmine of Reformed Theology and certainly isn’t synonymous with the gospel; yet these doctrines are unmatched in their efficacy to make the gospel sparkle in all of its glorious truth. These tenets are significantly important to shaping our worldview in how we faithfully understand God, humanity, salvation, worship and mission through the Holy Scriptures.

Yet I suspect many of us here are still in the dark as to how these doctrines of grace play a prominent role of our Christian living, despite our confessional allegiance to the Reformed faith. So it is my conviction to fill the theological deficiencies within our circle to the best of my ability, God-willing, through a concise exposition on the five points, which can be summarized under the acronym TULIP. Click the links below to have a thorough read through all the five points!

T – Total Depravity

U – Unconditional Election

L – Limited Atonement

I – Irresistible Grace

P – Perseverance of the Saints

Further Reading

1. John Piper, Five Points Towards a Deeper Experience of God’s Grace (The Desiring God Foundation 2013)
2. R.C Sproul, What is Reformed Theology? (Baker Books 2016)
3. Louis Berkhof, Systematic Theology (GLH Publishing 2017)
4. James White, The Potter’s Freedom: A Defense of the Reformation and the Rebuttal of Norman Geisler’s Chosen But Free (Calvary Press 2000)
5. James Chen, Doctrines of Grace

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