Some of you may not be aware of this, but ACG is launching into its fourth year in 2019! I’ve been collecting some photos in preparation for our church’s 20th anniversary dinner, and as I go through the various experiences that we’ve had, I can’t help but praise and thank God for His grace and goodness over us over the last 3 years.

Not many of you will know this, but ACG started with 8 people in 2016. I arrived at Gracepoint as a newcomer and Bible college student, and I was invited to lead a small group of university students with Edwina. To be frank, I didn’t know what to expect, but I was excited about what God had planned. In the summer of 2016, the 8 of us got together at Pastor Eugene’s house for a BBQ. The afternoon was semi-awkward, no one knew each other (I had only met Edwina only once or twice), but it felt like the beginning of something special. Fast forward to today, and I’m grateful that most who began with us are continuing faithfully (some have graduated), and there is now a stronger cohort than we can ever imagine.

I know that not many of you will be at the 20th anniversary, so below is a collection of photos that should be shown then. My hope and prayer is that as you flick through this collection, you too will join me in giving thanks to God and pray that God will continue to grow us both in width and depth. We want more people to come to know and love our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you have a moment, why don’t you comment below with your favourite memory of ACG? This might be a funny story, experience, or reflection. I trust that it will be an encouragement to us all!

5 thoughts on “History and Gallery of ACG

  1. John sleeping on a coffee table with rolls of toilet paper as his pillow at retreat (#startedfromthebottomnowwerehere) and Josh Cheung reassuring us that he would never accept his future daughter dating someone like himself.

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  2. Every single weekly retreat we’ve done 🙂 Great games, bants and deep and meaningful conversations around God’s Word 😀


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