In his final words to his disciples, our Lord and Saviour called them, the apostles of the church, to ‘make disciples of all nations’. Part of this commission to expressed in our regular discipling of believers through regular Bible reading and doing life on life, and another part of this is through the selection, assessment, and appointment of faithful people for full-time Gospel ministry. 

Part of our vision here at Gracepoint is not just to love Jesus, love one another, and love our city and our world; significantly, it is also to send out people who love Jesus and will train others to love one another and plant churches and ministries that will be a blessing to our city and our world. 

It is as a result of this vision that Gospel Lab is birthed. The name has a two fold meaning. Firstly, Gospel Lab stands for ‘Gospel Labourers’, and this simple name expresses our desire to identify, train, assess, and unleash faithful men (for pastoral ministry) and women (for broader ministry) into God’s world to do advance the work of the Gospel. Secondly, the name Gospel Lab also aims to capture the idea of a laboratory because it is here where your convictions, competencies, and God-willing, your character will be tested and refined. These are the Gospel Labourers that we are hoping to produce.

God-willing, Gospel Lab will be engaged in a variety of training and facilitating forums. But one of the things that we will do is a 4 times a year in-house training event. The first of these will take place on May 26th (Sunday) at our Lidcombe Campus where Pastor Eugene will speak about ‘What I Wish I Knew – Reflecting on 20 years of Pastoral Ministry’. Here, he will speak about what he wishes he knew when he was at the stage of thinking about ministry. He will share about his experiences, his journey, and what sort of advice he would have given to his younger self. Pastor Eugene has a wealth of insight not just into Presbyterian ministry, but also pastoral ministry in broad form, parachurch ministry, mission work, theological education, and cross-cultural training. This should prove to be a stimulating evening. His talk will then be followed by a time of Q&A.

The event will start at 7:30pm and RSVP is essential. So if you are interested, please speak to me and I will invite you to the event page where you can note your attendance. Thanks!

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