1. Prayer and Praise Night

Prayer and Praise Night is happening next Friday on June 21st, so do not bring your John booklets and it will start at 7:30pm! We will need a couple volunteers to help Selina set up the room for the night. If any of you are keen to help her out with logistics, please arrive at 7pm!

The event will also finish as usual at 10pm.

2. Gracepoint Church Weekend Away

The inter-congregational weekend away is happening on the 19th-21st of July! The speaker, Peter Lin, served as a church planter/pastor in the Fairfield/Bossley Park area, one of the most ethnic diverse suburbs in Australia for over 17 years, and now serves as Anglican bishop who gives oversight to the Georges River Region which is Sydney’s most ethnically diverse region.

Be super keen to attend this church camp, it only happens every three years and it will not only be a great chance to speak from Peter Lin himself, but you will also get to meet other fellow brothers and sisters from the other English congregations!

Registration link is provided: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScMGlztEgo5h_17qjb7oTcKIhiItg0A3CwZPm3Rq5TTHrvkNg/viewform

If you have registered for the weekend away already and have received an email from Eleanor Yee, please serve her well by also being prompt with your payments so she doesn’t have to chase you up!

3. ACG Bookclub

Our ACG Bookclub Group has just finished reading Kevin Deyoung’s book on ‘The Hole in Our Holiness,’ and Jonathan has already decided on the next book we will be reading: Spiritual Depression by Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones.

Martyn in his days was a renowned preacher and medical doctor and he has written his in-depth analysis on depression that is molded both by his many years of experience working in the medical field, as well as his wealth of knowledge and wisdom from the Scriptures. He presents a biblical perspective on the roots of depression and shows from the Scriptures what God has to offer in His Word to bring genuine healing to those who suffer from this very common affliction. Exercise caution with this book though: Martyn is known for his sternness in his writing, which reflects his passion on the topic – so be prepared when you read this book!

Jonathan will be ordering books really soon and the first meeting for this book club will be on Sunday the 14th of July at Lidcombe. If this subject touches you deeply or you just want something to read with a group for added accountability, please give Jonathan a message and he will add you into the group and will order the book for you as well!

4. EQUIP Women’s Conference

Elia is rounding up a bunch of women from Gracepoint Lidcombe and Burwood to attend the EQUIP conference on June 22nd, which is next Saturday! The theme is on ‘In the Spirit of Love’ and you will be exploring how love changes the way you use your spiritual gifts. Tickets are $95, so if you are interested, please message either Elia or Edwina. You have until June 22nd to register!

5. OneLove Conference

Another one-day conference for women is coming up on August 31st. Selina is rounding up a bunch of women from both Gracepoint English congregations to attend this conference also – there is a special deal for this one: if you bring 10 women to the event, the 10th ticket is free!

They will be exploring the book of Hebrews on the purpose of perseverance, and a missionary  will share her experiences as a missionary in West Africa. More information is found on their website at http://www.onelovewomen.com/

Be quick to let Selina know if you are interested in attending this conference! Early bird is $90 (before 16th June), $95 between 17th June and 18th of August, and $115 from the 19th August onwards.

Some of the men at ACG are also attending OneLove to help serve not only our sisters at Gracepoint but all our sisters who will be attending this conference. Quite a number of us volunteered for the event last year, and we have had a good time serving the women there! If you are a servant-hearted man and are interested in serving for the weekend, please message me and I’ll add you to our group!

6. Gracepoint Netball Team

Selina (and Alan Lam) is also gathering a couple guys and girls to form a netball team to play at a social sports competition at around September. Again, if you are keen to try out a new sport or if you just want to incorporate some sort of exercise in your week, please let Selina or Alan know!

That is all for announcements this month!

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