1. Trivia and Games Night

For those of you who are wondering what is going on this coming Friday, we will be running another ACG social! I can’t reveal too much about the specifics but you can be guaranteed it will be a great evening where we will spend more time fostering relationships and having a crack of a good time.

It will start at 7:45pm in Hall 2 as per the usual on Fridays, so come in with anticipation to have loads of fun together this Friday before we get back down to studying God’s Word!

2. Starting the book of Daniel series

As most of you may know, we have concluded our John series and will be starting a new series on the book of Daniel! We will be kicking off the series on the 2nd of August and we are blessed to have Murray Smith again, who will be doing an overview of the whole book for us. 

For the keen beans here who are up for a challenge, you can read the entire book of Daniel (there are only 12 chapters) before next Friday to give yourself a grand overview of what we will be exploring.

For those who are less hardcore but would still like a foretaste of what we will be studying for the next 8 weeks of this book, I’ve personally found this Bible Project overview video on Daniel really helpful – watch the video down below!

3. Theology Day Conference

On Saturday 17th of August, Gracepoint will be running a theology day conference where Michael Jensen, the rector of St Mark’s Anglican at Darling Point, will open the Scriptures for us to expound on how a robust theology of death determines the way we Christians ought to live in the present. This one-day conference is open to all congregations and we would highly encourage all of you to attend since every Christian needs to learn how to live their lives effectively for God and His kingdom!

For more information about the conference, visit: https://www.gracepoint.org.au/theologycon

In order to attend the event, you will need to register and pay $25 via internet bank transfer. The payment covers the teaching, booklet printing and lunch catering. You can find the registration link and the bank account details to finalise the payment down below:


4. Future of the blog

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted any articles on the blog as of recent and you might have been wondering whether I’ve gotten lazy over the last month. But be rest assured, I’ve still been hard at work! 

And not only I, but the whole blog team have been working really hard pouring many hours of thorough reading, study, writing and editing to produce a series of articles that we will be hoping to publish for you guys to read in the next month.

The Five Solas of the Reformation

We will be starting a new blog series on the Five Solas of the Reformation, which are the foundational principles declared by the Protestant church during the Reformation that are considered essential to protecting the doctrine of salvation from Roman Catholic heresies.

Alongside I, we also have Zachary Chong, Anthony Lee, Justin Fang and Clement Hui, who each have written an article of one of the Five Solas, so get thrilled to see what these guys have produced! More details to come as we finalise the revisions before publication.

There are more surprises we are working on right now, so stay tuned for that!

5. OneLove conference

Another one-day conference for women is coming up on August 31st. Selina is rounding up a bunch of women from both Gracepoint English congregations to attend this conference also – there is a special deal for this one: if you bring 10 women to the event, the 10th ticket is free!

They will be exploring the book of Hebrews on the purpose of perseverance, and a missionary will share her experiences as a missionary in West Africa. More information is found on their website at http://www.onelovewomen.com/

Be quick to let Selina know if you are interested in attending this conference! Early bird is $90 (before 16th June), $95 between 17th June and 18th of August, and $115 from the 19th August onwards.

Justin Fang is rounding up a group of men to serve not only our sisters at Gracepoint but all our sisters who will be attending OneLove. Quite a number of us volunteered for the event last year, and we have had a good time serving the women there! If you are a servant-hearted man and are interested in serving for the weekend, please message Justin and he’ll add you to the group!

6. Board games

Last but not least, monthly board games night is happening again on Saturday the 3rd of August. You should really come along to board games night if you:

(a) love playing board games,

(b) love hanging and spending more time with your brothers and sisters in Christ,

(c) are seeking to find a platform to invite your non-Christian friends to, where they can come to know the regular members of the Gracepoint community

The event starts at 5pm and finishes at 11pm at Hall 2. So if you are keen to come, bring your own dinner, invite your friends along and you’ll be sure you will have lots of fun.

That is all for announcements this month!

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