1. ACG End of Year Retreat

In about 2 months from now, we will be having our End of Year Retreat, where it will be an opportune time for all of us to reflect on what God has been doing in our lives this entire year! It will be held on Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th of December and there are only 40 spots for this retreat, so be quick and register so you can secure your spot!

The cost is $175 and you can register by clicking on the link down below, which has more information provided as well. If you have any other queries about the retreat, please speak either Edwina or Elliot, and they will get you sorted!


2. Prayer and Praise Night

With the conclusion of the Daniel series this week, Prayer and Praise Night is happening again next Friday on the 11th of October. It will start at 7:30pm, but we will need a couple volunteers to help Lynnette set up the room for the night, so if any of you are keen to help her out with logistics, please arrive at 7pm!

If you could also bring pillows, rugs and blankets, so that our bums won’t get sore from sitting on the cold hard wooden floors of Hall 2, that would also be great! Expect the event to finish as usual at 10pm.

Since this is exclusively an ACG event, we will encourage you not to publicly invite your friends to this event!

3. Evangelism Training with Eugene

On the following Friday after Prayer and Praise Night, our one and only beloved senior pastor Eugene will be running an evangelism training event for us! Not much information has been disclosed as to what will be covered and taught on the night, but do anticipate a very informative teaching session where we all will come out with a greater toolkit for evangelism.

4. Topical Electives with Ian Smith and Phillip Jensen

On Friday the 25th of October, Principal of Christ College Ian Smith will be running an elective on eschatology, more specifically on the biblical teaching on the new heaven and new earth!

Two weeks after this on the 8th of November, Phillip Jensen will be coming once again to run an elective on the topic of sex in our pleasure-seeking society. Though I can’t say anymore than I can on what will be covered on these nights, these two folks are awesome, brilliant bible teachers and we will be very excited to learn from them what God has to teach us with regards to those two rather contemporary topics.

5. GracePoint Vision Sunday

Lastly, this is just a reminder that on the last Sunday of October (on the 27th), we will be having a combined church service, where all four congregations from both Lidcombe and Burwood campuses will join together in fellowship and combined worship at 10AM at Christ College, 1 Clarence Street, Burwood 2134.

It will be a time where we will both be able to have communion with each other, and the pastoral team will also be sharing their ministry vision for 2020. On this particular Sunday, no other church services will be running, so please make sure to note this in your diary!

That will be all for announcements this month!

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