We have just finished a series of topicals and you are probably wondering what is on the agenda for the next couple of Fridays. Well from here on out, there are a couple things you can look forward to!

1. No formal program this coming Friday!

If your micro-group leaders have not told you already, there will be no formal program happening this coming Friday (15 November). We suggest that you would use this free time well to perhaps organise a social within your micro-groups (or even a combined social with several micro-groups)!

So this is just another reminder again that there is no ACG this coming Friday!

2. End of Year Party on November 22nd

We will be celebrating our End of Year Party where we will give massive thanks to God for the fruitful year of ministry that we have had this year and we will also be farewelling a number of our regular ACG members (those who are graduating this year or are already working) as they will be moving on to the new young workers group that is starting up in the beginning of next year!

There will be lots of awesome food (primarily KFC and pizza) and some of our leaders and members are organising some fun and interactive party games for us to be thoroughly entertained on the night, so get absolutely keen of that!

More information about this party will be coming soon.

3. My Ministry Apprenticeship Supporters Night on November 29th

The pastors have organised my ministry apprenticeship supporters night on November the 29th. If you are not entirely familiar with what this supporters night is about, it will basically be a night where I will personally share what has been happening with my ministry plans in preparation for this ministry apprenticeship, why I have decided to change careers completely in order to serve God in full-time vocational ministry, as well as how you can partner with me in this ministry going into 2020 and beyond.

For those of you who are interested in partnering with me, I will post more details soon about this supporters night once I’ve gotten confirmation with what the pastors decide to do on the night.

4. Evangelistic Board Games Night on December 6th

I apologise for bamboozling anyone who thought that the November 2nd Gracepoint Board Games Event was the last board games night for the year… because we will once again be hosting another board games session on Friday December the 6th!

We recognise that quite a number of university students and many high schoolers would have finished their exams by this time – so with nothing productive to do at home, why don’t you come along and spend your Friday night with great company and board game fun!

We strongly encourage that you invite your non-Christian friends to tag along and join in on the fun, so that they can get to know our Gracepoint regulars and that we can also get to know them better too! Use this event as a pre-evangelism instrument to get your non-Christian friends to get in contact with the gospel. We know stories of a number of young’ins who have tagged along to similar social events such as these, and it has been awesome to see how God can use recreational fun to draw people to Christ!

5. End of Year Reflection Retreat from December 13th to 15th

Our End of Year Retreat is happening only 1 month away! It will be an opportune time for all of us to reflect on what God has been doing in our lives this entire year! It will be held on Friday the 13th to Sunday the 15th of December and there are less than 10 spots now, so be quick and register so you can secure your spot!

The cost is $175 and you can register by clicking on the link down below, which has more information provided as well. If you have any other queries about the retreat, please speak either Edwina or Elliot, and they will get you sorted!


In summary, then, here is what the November-December Calendar will look like for the following Fridays:

Nov 15: Informal Micro-Group Social
Nov 22: End of Year Celebration
Nov 29: John’s Ministry Apprenticeship Supporters Night
Dec 6: Evangelistic Board Games Night
Dec 13: End of Year Reflection Retreat

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