Welcome to the Allelous Community Group Library. Feel free to explore what we have to offer.

1. Introduction
2. How to borrow/return/extend
3. Rules
4. Tips and reading advice

This library started close to the end of March 2018 with 53 books on hand. Some were generously donated to the pile but most were bought through the leftover budget from previous retreats.

Matthew Li volunteered to set up and manage the library, tracking every step of each book. This is where he earned the nickname ‘friendly neighbourhood librarian’. He also borrows and read from the library.

Now I’ve got your attention, you may be wondering how and where to begin. This page will cover your queries and go through helpful and practical steps to help you with your reading adventure.

Firstly, a reminder that some books book listed here will not be available at a certain period as other people in ACG may be borrowing it. Please check out the bookshelf on Friday nights to see what is on hand.

How to borrow

Head on over to the library and browse through to see what’s on hand

Next, check out the physical library on Friday night to see if the specific book is available (Library is open before and after our official sessions)

Once you have chosen your desired book, provide your contact details over to the librarian and state how long you would like to borrow it for

Enjoy reading the book! 🙂

How to return or extend

When it’s time to return the book, a reminder text message will be sent on the day of return

You can chose to extend the borrowing period by responding to the text message with your desired extension period (i.e. extend for extra 2 months)

If not, please bring in the book and return it back to the librarian

Several conditions to bear in mind when borrowing a book:

  • Minimum borrowing period is one month (four Friday nights).
  • Extending the borrowing period can be granted and will be in monthly blocks.
  • Ensure that the book is returned in a timely manner to allow others borrow the book.
  • It is the responsibility of the borrower to take care of the book. Please try not to spill liquid and avoid any rough handling. Additionally, please try not to lose the book.
  • Two or more books borrowed at the same period can be allowed under the discretion of the librarian.

Tips and reading advice

Over the last year, I have noticed how everyone reads in an unique way and that is fine by me. If you’re one of those people who haven’t even picked up a book or a massive book bug, this advice applies for all.

  • Don’t rush. It’s no good if you read everything at a fast pace. Take your time to absorb what is being written and read at a pace you’re comfortable with
  • Set goals with when you’re going to read, how much are you going to read and when do you expect to finish it by. This allows you to organise your time to read effectively
  • Start off with something small if you can’t seem to read long books. Build your way up from there
  • At the end of each chapter, jot down some points to summarise what you’ve just read. You’ll less likely be able to forget at the end and maybe put up a neat book review 😉

Feel free to ask me anything that I may have missed. I can be reached through our contact form or through social media.

From your friendly neighbourhood librarian
Matthew Li