About ACG

Allelous Community Group is the university students and young adults ministry of Gracepoint Presbyterian Church which seeks to glorify God by multiplying Spirit-filled disciples who love Jesus Christ and His eternal Word.

Our Vision:

Our hope and prayer is that the ministry will form Gospel-minded Christians who desire to grow in Christian maturity, and be involved in prayerful evangelism, mutual service, and cultural engagement.

Our Community:

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is freely offered to all, which is why anyone and everyone is welcome to our weekly gatherings. So whether you are a believer, seeker, or skeptic, we would love for you to join us!

Our Program:

Our gatherings are always centred on the Bible. As such, our weekly meetings include a deep, thoughtful, and interactive study of God’s Word with attention to its impact and implications for everyday life, along with reflection and discussions, prayer, and musical worship.

Our Leadership:

Allelous Community Group is led by a team of leaders who desire to use their gifts and passions to see more disciples multiplied. These leaders include Reverend Elliot who oversees the team, along with John Le, Jonathan Pang, Sherilyn Ku, Selina Wu, Thomas Lam, Edwina Koo, Joseph Koo, Clement Hui, Daniel Ho, Jessica Teo, and Jason Yu.

About Our Blog:

Scripture teaches that words possess tremendous force like no other medium: God brings life to the universe through the command of a word (Gen 1), and He brings life to our souls through the mediation of His Word in Scripture (John 6:60-65). The words we speak to others can either build up or to burn down, to convict or to condemn, to create or to destroy (Jas 3:1-12).

Sadly, there has been a noticeable shortage of eloquent Christian writers today, which is partially attributed to our underestimation of the significance that words can have in moving hearts and reaching minds. Much work is needed to cultivate these untapped gifts, that many Christians in our church community possess, so that nurturing the church can reach to to far greater dimensions and that God gets the glory.

Words carry boundless potential, which is why over the course of this year, I haven’t been more convinced than ever that starting a blog would be an awesome ministry initiative that can bless many Christians through the harnessed power of words. We can use our words to encourage and to edify our readers; to share what God has done in our lives and to teach what God has taught us in His Word!

Consequently, this blog is made and managed by a group of volunteers who are part of Allelous Community Group in an attempt to contribute to the work of using written words to encourage and edify Christian disciples. The team is led by John Le who serves as a contributor and editor of the blog, and he is supported by a team of authors who post articles, book reviews, bible reflections and more.

The contents produced by this blog seeks to be both biblically and confessionally faithful, however the material produced does not reflect the official opinion of Gracepoint Presbyterian Church. Responsibility for the information and views expressed in these works lies entirely with the author(s).