1. Summer NT Reading Plan from December 2019 – February 2020

As you may have seen with Elliot’s recent post, we are once again kick-starting our 2019-2020 Summer NT Reading Program. This was a ministry initiative we launched in 2018 and we have seen much growth in our members through their saturation in the Word.

So we want to push each and every one of you to get on this reading plan, so that you can start the year strong by having read through the entire New Testament!
A couple of things to do on your check-list as you undertake this reading endavour:

1. Find an accountability partner who can push you to do the readings everyday
2. Allocate time throughout your day to read through the passages
3. Read through the devotional and write down your reflections and thoughts on the passage
4. Meditate and pray through what you have learnt in the passages
5. Ask your partner what God has been teaching them in the Word

Elliot and I will be posting weekly devotionals that will supplement your Scripture reading as you tackle through this 90 day reading plan. These devotionals will examine either a portion of the readings or it may cover the overarching themes of the books we will be reading these coming weeks, and our hope is that it will get you to contemplate God’s truth even more deeply as you sink your minds into Scripture.

2. GracePoint Xmas Friday Night Outreach with David Robertson

On Friday 20th of December, we will be having a Christmas outreach event! David Robertson will be giving an evangelistic talk on why we celebrate Christmas! We want to get each and every one of you to be inviting those three friends you have been praying for this whole year to come and hear the talk to know the reason for the season and why we have celebrated the birth of Jesus throughout history. Come at 7:30pm for mingles and chills!

3. Summer Community Group Program – Just for Starters

ACG might be over for the year… but do not fear! SCG is kick-starting again at the start of early January and for next year’s chosen series, we have decided to cover through Just for Starters – a very helpful resource for Christians to be better equipped for the task of evangelism! We will walk through the content of this resource, and the leaders will be sharing their experiences of evangelism and how this resource has been a great tool to enable unbelievers to engage and grapple with the gospel.

We will go through the entire series in 3 Fridays: January 10, 17, and 24. There are in total 7 topics that we will be covering

January 10: Topic 1 – Saved by God
Topic 2 – Trusting in God

January 17: Topic 3 – Living God’s Way
Topic 4 – Listening to God

January 24: Topic 5 – Talking to God
Topic 6 – Meeting with God’s Family
Topic 7 – Meeting the World

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