1. What is the book about?

‘None like Him’ by Jen Wilkin is a book that paints a picture of how God is set apart from us, inspiring our sense of awe and reverence for Him. This book poses the vital question: How should the knowledge that God is _______ change the way I live? Each chapter explores ten of God’s unique attributes, revealing that there is no one like Him.

  1. Infinite: God is immeasurable, unquantifiable, uncontainable, unbound, utterly without limit.
  2. Incomprehensible: God can be known but can not be fully known.
  3. Self-Existent: God is uncreated and creates everything.
  4. Self-Sufficient: God has no needs. He is  sustained by none.
  5. Eternal: God is unbound by time. 
  6. Immutable: God is always constant, He never changes.
  7. Omnipresent: God is infinitely everywhere.
  8. Omniscient: God knows everything, He has infinite knowledge.
  9. Omnipotent: God has infinite power.
  10. Sovereign: God has no limits on what He controls – He is completely free to act on His will. 

Each chapter also ends with some reflection questions and prayer, making this the perfect book to do in a 1-2-1 with someone. Though this book is primarily addressed to a female audience (the introductory chapter is titled ‘on Becoming a God-Fearing Woman’), the chapters are relevant for both genders.

2. What did I learn?

I was very humbled when I read this book because it highlighted how limited humans are compared to our Creator God. Even though we have so many limitations, we still try to foolishly rely on ourselves instead of God who has everything and is bound by nothing. We desire the unique attributes that God has instead of desiring Him and being like Him, as we long for power, knowledge and self-sufficiency rather than peace, goodness and generosity. There are times when I wanted more time in my day rather than trusting in God’s perfect timing, or when I felt anxious because my plans failed instead of trusting in God’s better plan for me. It reveals the lies that I often feed myself; that I know myself more than God and therefore I know the best for myself. The truth is, God’s plans are better than my own because He knows me beyond my imagination, and that embracing my limitations is a means of trusting God in His great power and mercy!

3. What did I enjoy?

To be honest with you, I’m not the most consistent reader so I liked how it was a short and ‘easy-to-read’ book. The book also included engaging personal stories that illustrate God’s attributes, such as ‘self-existent’ ‘omniscient’, in a more concrete manner. I found this read to be a great encouragement to fear God rightly, as I often fear what people think of me instead of what God thinks of me, shying away from evangelistic opportunities and confronting others of their own sin. This book showed how I was fearing the wrong things, and chapter by chapter, changed my perception of who God is as His glory was unveiled through the pages. Wilkin’s conversational writing style, concrete illustrations and her faithful teaching makes this a very enjoyable read.

4. Why should other people read it?

One of the most challenging parts of our Christian walk is to follow God, who we cannot perceive with our senses. Without faithful and clear teaching, it is very difficult for us to appreciate how majestic and great the unseen God is. If our purpose as God’s children is to bring God glory, we are doing a huge disservice to ourselves and the world if we haven’t felt a sense of awe and reverence for our God in the very core of our being. It will open your eyes to see how each of these attributes paint a picture of God’s pure awesomeness. Then we will know more about who God truly is, we will desire Him more, we will worship him more rightly, pray more rightly and live lives in the freedom of our all powerful King. 

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